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11/08/09 06:38 PM #1    

Michael G. Trzcinski

Welcome to the Bennett High School Class Of 1981 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/30/09 01:10 PM #2    

Kiel R. Luchey

Hey how do we get more of our classmates that live in Buffalo on board? Do they not care?

12/06/09 12:53 PM #3    

Neil L. Coles

Hey Kyle,

That's an interesting question...furthermore...Do we know where most of our classmates reside? Do most still live in Buff or elsewhere? Have you heard from Rodney?

12/13/09 04:07 PM #4    

Kelly A. Elis

Hey All- I heard from Carmen McCray (now Greene) because she and I both live here in Atlanta area. How can we find folks ?? We have until Spring 2011 to hunt everyone down I guess. I will do my part .
How can you network back home ?
Kelly Elis Okosi
Kelly Elis

12/20/09 10:32 PM #5    

Kiel R. Luchey

Hey Neil , Rodney's here in Atlanta Major and I see him too much....LOL

12/20/09 11:29 PM #6    


Jacqueline Grinage

Ditto, I signed up for the reunion. Again, I will try to get Cherisse to come also. Is Major here in Atlanta too?

12/20/09 11:41 PM #7    


Jacqueline Grinage

Ditto, Vickey Hariston passed away this past summer from cancer. She lived in Cleveland OH. Her sister Rita Hariston informed me of this information and Vickey's son, little Ronald. I will see if I can get a picture of her.

12/20/09 11:44 PM #8    


Jacqueline Grinage

Ditto, I will also try to get in touch with Arsender McDougald, she is my cousin. She still lives in Buffalo. I last saw her in 2006 and she seemed to be doing well.

12/29/09 06:44 AM #9    

Dwayne Howard Pringle

Henry Toney, Mike Thomas and Tommy Carmichael are still in Buffalo. Hank and Mike serve on the Bufflao Fire Department. All are doing well I will get them to join this site.

01/08/10 10:24 AM #10    

Dwayne Howard Pringle

Does anyone know where Derrick Jones and April Sims are?

01/22/10 10:36 AM #11    

Rachel Mara Kane

Haven't heard where Derrick Jones or April Sims are -- let's try to get the word out. I'll post something on the Facebook reunion page as well...

05/01/10 04:22 PM #12    

Arleen W. Matthews

Looking for classmates in the DC/MD/ Northern VA area. I found Viola (Annette) Truesdale & Veronica Burke. Richard Lucas is also in the DC area. Is anyone bringing their family? If so will their be activities for them as well?

05/06/10 10:10 PM #13    

Kiel R. Luchey

That is a very good point.  I think that if you never have visited Atlanta bringing family would be great.  The functions such as the meet and greet, the banquet and the party scene are classmates and partners only.  Well thats what I think.

05/23/10 10:48 PM #14    

Tamara Melodi Ross (Jackson)

Well hello all.  This is Tammy and it is great to see that you all are out there.  I live here in Hampton Virginia.  a couple years ago I found out that alot of our classmates now live down this way.    I am usually in touch with Henry Toney.  I've also talked to Dennis Hicks on face book.  Also Pyillis Walker.  

06/07/10 09:41 AM #15    


Genene Green (Miller)

Viewing-Alfred Lewis Funeral Home-Tuesday 11-1 and 7-9
Wake-11:00 am Services 12:00 pm -The Philadelphia Church 1020 Grant St.

12/17/10 07:19 PM #16    

Ronneane E. Akin (Davidson)


Are there any updates about the reunion? Is it still in May 2011 in ATL? Will it be a weekend event or just Friday and Sat?

01/30/11 01:29 AM #17    

Tamara Melodi Ross (Jackson)

Hello everyone.  I am also wondering what is going on with the reunion.  I like to plan ahead.  I may have to put in for time off at work.  Let me know soon please.  Also I know it is kind of late but "Happy New Year !!!" to everyone.


05/22/11 01:10 PM #18    


Genene Green (Miller)

30th Reunion R.S.V.P. Link:


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